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Explore More, Worry Less

After years of enjoying our own RV camping adventures, we decided to turn our passion for the RV lifestyle into a full-time mobile RV service.

In late 2022, we sold our home and hit the road, embarking on a new journey across the country. With Bruce's many years of experience as an automotive technician, making this move felt like a natural next step for us.

We're so excited to support our fellow campers with a range of RV inspection and repair services to get them back out on the road and keep them there.

Meet Bruce & Leslie

Bruce Crittendon

Certified RV technician

leslie crittendon

Client relations manager

Certified By

"Bruce has been a very professional and extremely knowledgeable resource for me as I work through some challenging electronics issues on my RV. Initially, I was afraid that using a mobile service might be too expensive. Actually, I believe his fee is about half what the dealership charges and I didn't need to leave my rig in their parking lot for 2 months. His response time was excellent too. It's great knowing I have a dependable resource close to home when I need it. Thanks, Bruce!"

- Linda Marie

Here's what our customers say

"Talk about customer service! Explore More RV Services LLC kept in touch with us throughout the day and met us at Steamboat Park Campground to troubleshoot the problem with the slide and get us functional."

- Cyndy & Dennis Vogt

"Excellent service. Came right out after a phone. Did the estimate, ordered the product needed and installed the same day. Service was above anything that we had expected. Would highly recommend them to anyone."

- Sue Warden

"Bruce Crittendon saved us after a blown tire broke things in the camper while in Georgia. Bless him."

- Sharon Tyler